Cardwell DataBank™

New business acquisition is the life blood of any business.  Direct marketing has never been so important in the business to business marketplace.


Great direct B2B marketing depends upon access to the widest and most accurate data. The Cardwell DataBank™ comprises:

  • 2.4 million mailable UK Businesses on file
  • 1.1 million TPS Screened Telephone Numbers
  • 1 million email addresses
  • 1.1 million Senior Decision Makers:
    • Sales & Marketing Contacts
    • IT Contacts
    • HR Contacts
    • Operations Contacts

To target the relevant offer to the right business is dependent on the ability to select the ideal data from the database. Cardwell DataBank™ can be searched by:

  • Standard Industry Classifications (SIC) 2003 Codes
  • Standard Industry Classifications (SIC) 2007 Codes
  • Directory code such as Thomson
  • Town / County / Region
  • Postcode Area
  • Postcode District
  • Postcode Sector
  • Turnover Band
  • Employees at Site Band
  • Employees at Company Band
  • Specific Contact Responsibility

Data from the Cardwell DataBank™ can be leased on an annual basis to facilitate multi-stage campaigns, or simply licensed for single use.

We also understand that no matter how comprehensive our DataBank™, there will be occasions where specific data or international lists will be required. Cardwell Marketing has a team of experts who have a depth of experience in sourcing just the right data.


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