B2B Market Research

We offer international B2B market research services and have experience across a wide range of industries. We can provide end to end management of a market research project, just the project fieldwork or anything in between.


Multi-Country Research

We have already conducted market research in twenty different countries in over fifteen different languages. We understand that research into international markets brings a unique set of challenges and we have the processes and systems in place to deliver success.  We can tailor each project to best meet your requirements, advising you if certain research techniques or methodologies are not suited to a particular country.

By Phone or Online

As experts in interviewing business decision-makers, we offer two broad types of multi language  telephone interviewing approaches: CATI research (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) and in-depth interviews from our UK based  call centre.  We are also B2B data experts and therefore uniquely positioned to conduct online surveys. As most web surveys are completed following an e-mailed invitation quality , accuracy and availability of email data is essential.

Hard to Reach Decision Makers

At Cardwell we have built our business around finding hard to reach decision makers for marketing and sales activities. We have translated this experience to support our market research services.
As well as our own databases of decision makers we have access to a wide variety of panelists in most countries. These panelists are fully profiled for their professional activities and decision-making responsibilities, allowing targeted responses to be obtained from web surveys.

Account Based Marketing

We can provide the research capabilities to support your account based marketing activities. At the foundation of any account based marketing (ABM) approach is an in depth knowledge of the customer and the market environment.

We approach any ABM project in three ways:

  1. Analysis to support account selection
  2. Understanding the customer through stakeholder mapping and executive profiling
  3. Marketing profiling to understand the key trends and drivers in the target market or industry